Our paint products

  • plastic paint
  • wood paints
  • metallic paint
  • paint for plastics
  • Interior paints
  • renderings
  • thinners, brushes
  • painter and mason tools
  • wall decals
  • painter ladder
  • chemical products

Keller PAINT Shop

Our company sells only the highest quality brands products, all of which the home, recognized in both national and international markets. Available to buy including the famous Polifarbe Trilak and interior wall paints, Casati and Henkel.

High quality exterior paints available:

  • Polifarbe
  • Trilak
  • Henkel

If you do not know, what you need to paint, Our colleagues are at your disposal. For both huge product range can be found specifically in the rust metal paint, beauty and grain of the wood accent glaze paints and wall paints is suitable for individual colors.

But if you did not find your dream color, take advantage of the possibility of custom color mixing, which is guaranteed to paint a world in itself, which can be found nowhere else in the world!